Tuesday, July 1, 2008

JA CD Troubles

I'm in need of affordable solutions to running JA with a new CD or without a CD. Tonight, I noticed a large crack running from the center of the CD and before I could make a backup copy onto a DVD, my CD drive failed to recognize the disc. Normally, I make a backup of my games when the CD starts to get too scratched but I've taken pretty good care of this one and thus far, didn't need to make an extra copy. This problem cropped up literally out of nowhere and with the game officially out of print and used copies on amazon.com ranging from $50 - $70 (in some instances for just the jewel case!!!) I need to find an alternative and much cheaper way to get a copy or a way to run the game without the CD (I can't recall Raven releasing any patches the make the game independent of the CD so doing this is probably illegal though I honestly don't know for sure). So, I'm asking for help. If you want DFMod to effectively continue production and you want a complete gallery for all the new levels, I'm going to need some assistance. Thanks.

UPDATE: I have a temporary solution so I can load the levels and take the screenshots I need for the gallery as well as test out lighting and architectural developments. I'm still trying to iron out some glitches - entities won't show up in game - but I have a few sources for backup copies of the game CD. Thanks very much to everyone who's volunteered their help and advice. It's much appreciated.