Friday, January 23, 2009

School Started This Week

Yeah. Some ups and downs so far. Textbooks are waaaaaay too expensive (altogether, they're easily going to cost me more than $300 dollars, most it from general studies classes - charging that much for BS classes I'm taking just to fulfill a requirement ought to be illegal. But then, I think charging for education that's more or less required nowadays if you want a decent paying job ought to be illegal too).

So, needless to say, mod work may be slowing down a bit. I can't really say at this point, since I haven't gotten any real assignments yet but I know my senior BFA thesis project is going to be taking up a fair bit of my time. If all goes according to plan, however, I should be able to wrap it up and have my show around mid-April which should pretty much give some extra time to mod while I finish up what's left of my classes.

That being said, a lot has been done the past two weeks or so:

- Corrected GtkRadiant errors and successfully resumed mapping.
- Built three new rooms in Narshada, plus cleaned up a few sections that needed some more architectural improvements.
- Gained control of and updated the DFMod website with a new Narshada screenshots gallery.
- Built two levels of the revamped detention center. I'm canibalizing much of what went into the original level so it's moving rather quickly.
- Built test terrain for robotics facility.
- Built the airlock and Moldy Crow hangar for the fuel station.

I'm currently having some problems with weather effects in robotics (it won't snow, more or less) and a new skybox in fuelstation (that's a nightmare that's too long and drawn out to get into much detail). But so far things have been moving smoothly. I'm expecting to reinstall the original game using DOSBox over the weekend and to hopefully gain update access to the dfmod webpage on (although that won't be happing just yet).


gana said...

The JA level, "Hoth", show exemple of snowing.
Perhaps you can copy it?

Pablo K. said...

So, haven't had news in a while. Are you still alive?